20 tips and tricks to master Google Android

Below are the 20 tips and tricks to assist you in getting the best of your Android phone.


1. Get the best of your phone by utilizing widgets. Just choose the desired Widgets from list of options. Select widgets that suit you.

2. Keep its ring-tone on Silent mode, so that you don’t get distributed on every email arrival.

3. Use its speed dialing function for the contacts you use every frequently.

4. To see the preferred Websites on home display, set the shortcut bookmark on your home display.

5. To set your main display clean, you should attempt utilizing folders.

6. Utilize Astro, which permits you to utilize your smart phone like your computer.

7. Choose the text alternative when you want to cut-copy-paste any text from the website

8. Watch and experiment with the entire listing of hotkeys/ shortcut keys.

9. Also, you can create customize hotkeys to operate any application.

10. You can slide down the on screen keyboard to make it invisible, when you don’t require it.

11. The present date is avaible when you scroll the top left side of the display.

12. To store data on your smart phone, attach the phone to your computer/ laptop.

13. Store the music you like even from iTunes.

14. Easily without any complications you can incorporate your phone and your Outlook calendar. Utilize Google Calendar Sync to make work simpler.

15. Easily without utilizing exchange servers, you can incorporate your phone contact and your Outlook contact. Utilize Go contact sync to make work simpler.

16. Easily without any complications, you can incorporate your phone and your Google Reader account. Utilize Google Reader account to make work simpler.

17. If you desire to carry your computer laptop internet bookmarks on your smart phone. Utilize my bookmarks, to incorporate bookmark from you internet bookmark on your smart phone.

18. Receive more phones calling capacity by incorporating Google Voice with your smart phone. As you apply for the service, you will get the Google voice application and choice form variety of alternatives. Also, incorporate the Google Voice application on your home display for speed outgoing-call dialing as listed.

19. You can pass on complimentary SMS from Google Voice. To receive the incoming SMS on time, kindly adjust the settings.

20. Utilize Fring, a complimentary smart phone calling customer for Android. Receive uncalculated chat duration by using Fring. Android carries an alternative to utilize easy application to work on your phone. Easily without any complications, you can incorporate your phone’s back up data with MyBackup application. Utilize MyBackup application to make work simpler. Also, try SMSBackup which help you to store all your sms on your Gmail email account.

Easily without any complications, for you phone’s protection you can incorporate your phone with Mobile Defense application. Utilize Mobile Defense application to use a computer to detect you smart phone by means of GPS. And then store all information and then delete all. Utilize Mobile Defense on your smart phone to make work simpler.




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  1. I am truly thankful to you for providing us with this invaluable content. Recently got a Kindle Fire as a gift and the above tips & tricks are helpful for me.

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