LG Prada Review

The LG Prada, as the name suggests, is a stylish looking phone and, in fact, a collaboration
between LG and Prada. There is a metal strip that goes around the phone’s plastic finish. There
are metal buttons and a classy metal slide which covers the phone’s micro USB port. The
touchscreen is relatively large 4.3 inches. The screen is very bright and the resolution is very
nice sitting at 800×400 pixels. The brightness on this phone is notable as LG does not use the
more common AMOLED technology for display enhancement. Browsing the internet on this
phone’s display is excellent as even the smallest of texts, under zoom, look great.
Though the LG Prada does not use the AMOLED technology common to most Droid phones,
it does use the Gingerbread system. This system is slightly upgraded in comparison with other
phones with the 2.3.7 system. It is great watching videos on this crisp display, especially when
you can easily pause them by turning the Prada upside down.


Physical Specifications
The camera is another definite plus on this phone. The LG Prada features an 8 megapixel
camera and can shoot videos at 1080p HD, making it better than the majority of the competition.
The camera works very well and its autofocus ensures the best of shots.
The LG Prada’s speed is very impressive. The phone uses a 1GHz dual core processor and
has 1GB of RAM. With this combo, one can quickly and smoothly browse the web and use
apps. This is definitely a phone for someone who uses a lot of apps with its quick speed and
superb processor. The phone also features a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard. The size of this
keyboard will be a plus to some users, though the LG Prada falls somewhat short in this regard
when comparing it to similarly-priced products such as the iPhone.

An Interesting Observation…
The LG Prada is actually very difficult to use outdoors despite the impressive display. If it is
sunny out, it is almost impossible to see the keys. This is a great looking phone, but the plastic
actually does take away from its appearance. The lack of the AMOLED display is another
drawback and, after using this phone for a while, one will find themselves yearning for the
AMOLED technology common to Samsung phones and Motorola models of similar quality. To some
degree, color display suffers on this phone though this enables the processor to function more
smoothly. One is really trading in the AMOLED technology for brightness, which is greatly
enhanced by the phone’s NOVA PLUS screen technology.


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