The Oracle Google Flap

This could be an all-out war between the Java platform maker, Oracle, and Google; the issue has landed in court to accuse Google on infringement to Java patents in correlation with the search engine’s mobile system the Android.  There are three points that Google states in their deposition: The code was free to the public, Google did not violate any copyright laws with their Android application, and now Oracle is face palming themselves for their failed attempt to market any Java-based platform for smartphones.

How much money is Oracle losing?

Oracle reps state, “Each day’s worth of activations likely generates approximately $10 million in annual mobile advertising revenue for Google.” Although how is that number proven; Oracle has forecasted the amount of new users signing up for Androids over a twelve month period and estimates about 2.5 million users each day.  They also claim that Google is raking in on their ads earnings with collaborating with Google Play and mobile advertising revenue.  Those who have an Android and have tried to visit their market app may have seen the covert switch.  Now users are redirected to another platform; Google Play which will monetize Google apps with the droid apps, in fact the market app is nowhere to be found, you have to use the Google Play app.  Some Android users hate this because the java-development plays on Google friendly apps, in turn their ads and that’s how they slide in to create money.

Google’s offer rejected, so are they guilty?

There are many anti-Google users and in order to hush the squabble Google has offered to pay Oracle about 2.8 million dollars in damages and a very low royalty percentage for future earnings.  Oracle rejected the offer; they claim if Google wants to correct the issue they need to pay to play in a sense.  As they court room battle continues; all eyes have focused on Google’s entire revenue earnings, billions and billions.  Not good to boast in court indeed, the court could rule in Oracle’s favor which in turn would affect about a million Java scripts just for the Android, and  what once was free could end up costing the users of the Android. The two corporations were directed by the judge to make nice and find an equal playing ground before the saga of IP wars meets again later this month.  However, Oracle is not stopping with the Java bit; they also want Google to cough up hundreds of millions on another claim of copyright infringement that is separate from the patent case.





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  1. Well, if it is free to the public what license is it under? If it is under a license like the cc-by-sa, than the code google is using would also have to be under the cc-by-sa.

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