iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3? A Head to Head

When it comes to choosing a new smart phone, there is always a lot of emphasis on the features of each handset such as speed, memory, sleekness, web compatibility, or whether it has a powerful camera. Smart phones are the new toys that cool kids must have, whether they are dudes wanting to have fun or geeks aiming to conquer new frontiers at work. So what better way to make an informed decision than to compare your options before buying?

Apple iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is the latest in a long line of iPhones; each has been more popular than the previous one. Fans of Apple products have been known to line up for days outside stores awaiting the launch of the latest release and with the iPhone 5 this remained true.

Breaking down the model bit by bit we find the operating system very easy to use, although for those who have never used this type of phone before, it may take some getting used to. It tries to fit almost every app icon into its 4” screen. The iPhone 5 weighs approximately 116 grams and consists of a metal frame that makes it look extremely stylish and chic. The Siri Voice assistant is lovely and is a much more enhanced version compared to other voice modulation systems available.

The iOS is considered to be sleeker and efficient by iPhone fans when it comes to web development and mobile surfing experiences. In terms of apps, the iOS has more apps than you could possibly try in your lifetime. Touted to be more a phone for having fun, the iPhone 5 is rarely seen in the business circuit, despite having excellent connectivity to the internet.

The Samsung Galaxy S3

Beating Apple in the race to record high sales and increased consumer usage, the Samsung Galaxy S3, despite wobbling on the voice modulation and the app front (not to mention the plastic casing) is a worthy smart phone to have. For one, its quad-core processor promises you high browsing and processing speeds, there are SD slots with expandable memory of up to 32 GB, a camera with higher resolution than the Apple camera, and a much wider screen with Gmail, Google Now, Maps, and YouTube featuring prominently.

The battery is a tad lower in shelf life than the iPhone, the phone is capable of social networking (much like Apple iPhone) and there are extensive apps for businessmen.

Though the Samsung operating system may not be as easy to use as that of the iPhone, there are many great features to the S3 that means users will love this handset. Compared to Apple, the Samsung phone is much more ergonomic and features a lot of friendly task managers where you can design your screen operations just the way you want it to appear.

Bottom Line:

Most Apple aficionados argue about the smart phone being more like a status symbol than a phone, and despite its increased price, offer you tons of value for every penny you spend on it. On the other hand, Samsung is more compact, elegant, and business-like for a lower cost and has similar quality applications.

What makes Samsung a worthier purchase is the fact that you get a lot of flexibility that is missing when you purchase Apple iPhones. Like we said, both of them are marvelous. Depending on ‘why’ you need a smart phone, either of them could make the cut for you.